• AR/Reading Fair Committee

Chair: Lashaway, Lanier

Members: Amaton, Conner, Griffin, Gregory, Kelley, Miller

  • Campus Concern Committee

Members: Amaton, Moore (optional), Dufour, Staci Griffin, Bev Green, Amanda Foster, Rene Ketron**, Mikayla Miller, Jessica Solis, Lena Banman, Virginia Flores

  • Sunshine Committee

A. Harriman, Spread Committee

  • GT Selection

Fay Terry, To Be Determined

  • Site Based Decision Making

E. Amaton, Rebecca Lashaway (Rdg), Sarah Thompson (Sci), Jennifer Hindman (Sci), Tamara Everitt (Math), Cheryl Greenfield (SPED), Rene Ketron** (Writing), Abbie Harriman, Rebecca Saavedra

  • Science Fair Committee

Fay Terry, Gina Hawkins, Abigail Mitchell, Kelli Young, Sarah Thompson, Amanda Foster, Jenny Hindman