Seminole Elementary School2014-2015

Campus Vision
All students will be educated and prepared to excel in an information-based and technologically-advanced society. This is accomplished through a positive learning environment of collaboration, use of technology, strong discipline, and community support that welcomes the exploration and enhancement of student confidence.

Campus Mission
To provide a safe, caring, and nurturing environment where students can grow emotionally, physically, and socially that willhelp foster students to create memories and leave legacies!

Our Schools
FJ Young Principal: Sherrie WarrenSeminole Primary School Principal: Judy SageSeminole Elementary School Principal: Ernie AmatonSeminole Junior High School Principal: Daylan SellersSeminole High School Principal: Robert Chappell

As an educator, you are expected to learn the procedures of your school. The best way to do so is to read the student handbook and the teacher handbook. The following is a condensed version of the teacher handbook for our campus (which I will be responsible for reviewing and updating every year). These are a few sections that should be of great importance and have been updated: Absences (Teacher), Accident Report, Building and Room Regulations, Conferences (Parents), Discipline, Homework, Parent Contact, Respect, Schedules, and Supervision.

Handbooks provide procedures for handling routine matters, clarify expectations of teachers, and provide a unified approach in our service to our students, to our community, and to our district. Staff members are responsible for all information in the handbook.


Please note that all absences must be placed in AESOP prior to 6:00 a.m. for the computer to call a substitute. The computer only allows you to place an absence if you have any comp/local/state days available. Teachers should also notify the campus secretary and/or principals no later than 6:30 a.m.

If you know in advance that you are going to be absent, make arrangements as soon as possible. If you need to take extended leave (3 or more days), discuss your preferences for substitutes with the principal/secretary. If you need to leave early or come in late, notify the principal as soon as possible. Arrangements will be made on individual circumstances. Arriving late or leaving early will need to be logged in Eduphoria.

*If you do not have any comp/local/state available, you must make the request with the campus principal using the absence request form, so that the secretary may override the system and place the absence. In cases of overnight emergency and you do not have any days, absence forms are to be filled out and turned in to the office on the day that you return. Please see the secretary as soon as possible so that you can sign your absentee slip.

Remember, when you are not in the classroom, your students will not learn as much with a substitute.

You are the key ingredient to a productive instructional day!

To complete and print Absence Request Form, click here (Only if you are out of days)


When an accident occurs, teachers are to aid the victim and send to notify the office and the nurse immediately. Accident reports must be filed with the nurse or office. If a staff member is injured while at school or at a school-sanctioned function, which they are supervising, the office and the nurse must be notified immediately within 24 hours.

To complete and print Employee Accident Report, click here


Current address forms must be maintained when a teacher’s information has changed. Please verify that all information is correct and up to date. All teachers will be asked to fill out an emergency contact form at the beginning of every school year. Any changes must be made in Eduphoria.

Parents are also changing addresses, home phone numbers, cell phone numbers, and email addresses at mind-boggling rates. It is more important than ever to keep current on parental contact information. Please keep close tabs on your advisory students and their ever-changing info.


The homeroom teacher is responsible for distributing and collecting progress reports and report cards from students every three weeks. It is extremely important that this documentation is collected from the students, and turned in to the office at the end of the school year. If a student fails to turn in a signed grade check sheet, it is the homeroom teacher’s responsibility to call the parent to inform them that we sent a copy home for them to sign. If a parent requests for another progress report/report card, please direct them to call the front office. Continue to repeat this process as many times as necessary to get a signed grade sheet.


Assemblies may be held throughout the year to provide entertainment and enrichment. Teachers will escort their classes to all assemblies and stay to help supervise. If you have ideas for specific assemblies, please notify the office or counselor.


Schools receive their funding based on their average daily attendance. It is imperative that we make every effort to report attendance in an accurate manner. Please make sure to take attendance by 9 am. The front office should not have to call and remind you to do your attendance. During announcements would be a great time to take attendance.


Teachers should see that their room is organized, papers picked up, lights/fans/projectors off, and windows closed/locked before leaving school. Remember, we are not allowed to cover more than 25% of each wall in the classroom or hallway. Think academic needs!

Be sure any electrical appliances are on a surge protector. This is especially important for your computers!

Remind students they are to take care of classroom furniture and equipment. Anyone defacing school property should be reported to the office and may be responsible for financial restitution.

Teachers should be in their rooms whenever students are present! DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ROOM! You are libel if there are accidents or injuries to students left unattended while you are responsible for their supervision. If there is an emergency, notify a teammate or call the office.


Repairs or maintenance items need a building maintenance request form turned in to their office. If there is a serious problem in your room, please email the office as soon as possible so that the problem is not allowed to get worse. Heating and air conditioning issues are examples of problems that should be reported immediately.


Bulletin boards are an important part of your classroom. They should be kept current and used appropriately to keep students interested and up-to-date. We also have cork boards in several locations throughout the building to display student work or other information.

There also will be some mandatory items that you are responsible of maintaining daily, example- Student objectives.


Teachers should clear all speakers, field trips, and meetings with the principal before scheduling. Upon approval, the Principal's Secretary will place this on the campus calendar. This is to avoid scheduling errors and duplication of times.

For a complete list of Calendars, click here


District and Campus administrators, also teachers, may visit each classroom. The purpose of this is to improve instruction, student learning, or professional growth. Administration would like to be notified of special projects or performances so that we can try to attend/observe.

Please remove the color cards from your door windows. Windows need to remain unobstructed.


Teachers and students are to avoid inappropriate websites, or websites that have no educational relevance or value. Under no circumstances are students to have access to a teacher’s computer. Disciplinary action will be taken against the person who is logged in to the offending computer, not necessarily the person who is misusing the computer. It is a good idea to log out or lock your computer if leaving it unattended for an extended period of time.


Each classroom teacher is entitled to at least 450 minutes within each two-week period for instructional preparation, including parent-teacher conferences, evaluation of students’ work, and planning. The planning period may not be less than 45 minutes within the instructional day. Teacher's are asked to meet once a week with their team to discuss students or any upcoming events.


Teachers should contact parents any time there is a problem with a student whether it is academic, social, or behavioral. Parents want to know how their child is doing at school. Frequent parent contacts strengthen the relationship between the school and home. Positive calls often make a situation much smoother if a problem arises in the future. Parents do not like surprises… them before grade cards come out if there is a problem. Make it your goal to contact 100% of the parents at least twice during the year. We will continue with our scheduled home visits within the first six weeks.

Reminder: Document all communication with parents! See the attached Documentation forms.


We will still assign copy codes, but no limit has been assigned. Because paper and toner are expensive, please consider all copying needs carefully. A large number of copies are improperly done and thrown away. We will still assign copy codes, but no limit be assigned.

Copiers are located in the teachers' lounge, North science lab and MPR. Students are strictly prohibited from using the copier.

Please plan appropriately to be prepared!


Teachers should handle the minor discipline problems in their classroom. If a problem persists, don’t hesitate to to schedule a parent conference and/or issue a recess/after school detention. Before problems become serious, always communicate with the student and the parent about the situation. Frequent contact with parents is important in maintaining good discipline.

Teachers are prohibited from sending students directly to ISS. The principal will conference with the student(s) and parent(s), and determine whether ISS is warranted (and the duration of the stay).

It is also important that the teacher use Review 360 to document the student behavior before sending him/her to the office. Texas law states written notification may be sent home with a student who is disciplined and our discipline referral qualifies as official documentation. Referrals to the office written on post-it notes, napkins, and notebook paper do not qualify.


Teachers should dress in a manner that represents our profession. If you have a question about whether it is appropriate, don’t wear it! Additionally, teacher attire should not contradict anything that is prohibited for student attire. The student dress code is published in the Student Code of Conduct. Exceptions will be made by the principal for days to wear jeans, spirit clothes, etc.

School policy states that NO jeans are allowed for staff during all in-services that have out-of-district guests or presenters.

For the complete Campus Dress Code, click here


All films or movies should be previewed by the teacher. Movies/films should reflect the curriculum of the district, unless designated for special events. Only movies with a “G” rating shall be shown. If you are requesting to show a rated “PG”, parents are to be notified with a letter.

Parents shall be notified of the name and the rating of the movie. This notification should be done early enough so that parents have sufficient time to opt out of letting their child view the film. We may be dealing with students from a wide variety of backgrounds. What you may not find objectionable, a parent might (based on the content of the film and their knowledge of their child).


Teachers are responsible for seeing that students know what to do during emergency situations. Instructions should be posted in each room. Teachers shall practice with students during the first week of school.

Lockdown: The district-wide phrase for a lockdown will be the words “Lock down”. When notified to lock down, all teachers should:

1. Go immediately to the door of the classroom

2. Lock your door(s), if not already.

3.Check to make sure it’s locked

4.Look up and down the hallway for students, making sure to pull any/all non-threatening students you see into your room

5.Once you have completed #4, pull the door shut

6.Place the students in an area of the room that cannot be seen from the doorway or window

7.Make sure there is NO talking or noises in your room (TV’s and radios off)

8.Do not open your door for any reason!!!

Tornado: When tornado bell rings, take your students to the assigned location. Direct them to line up in the sitting position with their head towards the wall, ducked between the knees and covered with hands or a textbook. Keep students as far away from any windows as possible.

Fire: Bring your roster and red/green card with you as you direct students to the nearest fire exit. Have your class line up outside, a safe distance away from the building, and take roll. If you know the whereabouts of all of your students, hold up a green card. If you are missing students, hold up a red card.

For a complete Crisis Management Plan, click here


All fundraisers must be approved through the campus principal. Funds are to be deposited with the secretary on a daily basis. Records of receipts should be maintained and turned in to the office also.


Our grading system should be explained to students and justified when necessary to students and parents. It is important to remember from this point forward, student grades can be accessed by parents via the internet. Please make sure that your grades are updated as much as possible. Don’t wait until the week before report cards come out to grade five – eight – eleven assignments and enter them in the gradebook!!

Grades are to be updated on a weekly basis. There is a minimum of two grades per week unless otherwise told. You are prohibited from giving grades that have no validity in your content area, ie. Signed progress reports, snacks, Kleenex boxes, or supplies.

For the timeline when grades are due, click here

Grade Changes

Grade changes should be filed with the PEIMS clerk in the front office. The grade change request form will need to be signed by the teacher of record.

Please keep in mind that grade changes should only be made if the teacher of record has made a mistake.

Grade Scales

The school-wide grade scale is as follows: A (100-90), B (89-80), C (79-70), D (69-60), F (59 or lower).


The teacher is responsible to see that students do not leave class without permission. It will be assumed students without a hall pass have left your supervision without your knowledge and they should be sent back to you for a pass. Only one student at a time should be allowed to leave your class. When one returns another can be permitted to leave.


Teachers should decide on a reasonable amount of homework to assign pupils. Studies have concluded a good rule of thumb is ten minutes per grade level. Using this, we can calculate 4th Graders can reasonably handle a total of 40 minutes of homework per night (and 5th Graders 50 minutes per night). Avoid assigning “busy work”. Homework should enhance the lessons in the classroom and be given for a specific reason. Make-up work will generally be assigned after the student has missed school.

When a homework folder is being generated for a student, please be sure to bring assignments for the student before the end of the school day. It is embarrassing for the office staff when parents request homework, drive to the school, and find their student’s teachers didn’t take the time to drop off homework.

Students will have the same number of days for each day of absence to complete the work.

It is my belief that homework is not to be assigned for completion during school holidays, as this is family time. The only exception will be assignments related to absences.


All teachers are to arrive at 8:00 a.m., and may leave at 4:15 p.m. If you will arrive late or need to leave early, the office must be notified. Extra effort should be made to insure you arrive on time. Do not make it a habit to clock in late because you had to start up your computer.

Morning Duty begins at 7:30 a.m. and Afternoon Duty begins at 4:00 p.m. You are expected to be punctual to your assignment. Should you be late to your duty, you must notify the campus principal or the secretary.

To view the schedule of Job Duties, click here


Parents and Volunteers are required to wear I.D. badges beginning this year. The effectiveness of this safety measure will be compromised if adults are allowed in the building and do not wear their badges.

It is the staff's responsibility to identify those personnel and escort those back to the office to sign in if identification is not visible.


Teachers should maintain an up-to-date and accurate inventory of materials and equipment. Texts should be marked with the school name and date of purchase/adoption. Equipment and materials should be permanently barcoded with the school name, grade level, content area, and/or barcodes.

Do not remove any equipment/furniture from a classroom without prior approval of the principal.


If you have reason to be in the building before or after regular hours maintained by custodians, you must have a building key. However, with that privilege comes the responsibility of assuring our building: is locked/secured, lights are off in your class and the building, laminator and equipment is off in the teachers' lounge, etc.

Do not make duplicates of any key without office permission. Please make sure that you have had your keys inventoried with Mrs. Rodriguez.


Lesson plans are to be written at least one week in advance. Plans are to be written on the computer (Eduphoria: Forethought), but have a copy printed out as a backup. Unit plans should include objectives that describe expected student behavior, procedures for the lesson, resources, assessment information, etc. Daily plans should include main ideas/activities for the lesson, books/page numbers, etc.


Coats, jackets, other clothing, and lunch boxes misplaced will be put in the Lost and Found by the computer lab in the short hall. Cell phones, other electronic equipment, purses, and jewelry will be kept in the front office.

Encourage students to write their names on all possessions and to keep a close eye on them. It could be shocking to see how many items of clothing we donate to charity every six weeks!!


All money received by committees, classes, or any organization under the direction of the school is classified as school money according to law and must be accounted for within the school bookkeeping system. Money is not to be left in your room during the day or night, but instead turned in to the office as soon as possible. Some type of receipt book must be maintained and be able to account for who all has paid and the total amount collected. The best way to do this is to have a envelope with your class roster. This can be used to mark as paid and the amount.


Teachers are encouraged to make some form of contact with parents every three weeks. There are two methods of documenting contact: 1. A copy of the student’s signed grade check/report card, or 2. A list of parents called who did not turn in a signed grade check/report card.

This documentation is needed to avoid dealing with a parent who tells us in April that they did not know their student was failing, and that no one from the school had contacted them about their student’s failing grade(s).


Please encourage parents to maintain communication with the school through the following avenues:

1. Webpage–

2. Signing up for access to Power School

3. Verifying phone numbers and email address are current

4. Subscribing to our Facebook/Twitter Group


All district employees should receive their check on the 22nd of each month. If the 22nd falls on a holiday or weekend, checks are distributed the last work day before the 22nd.

The following information must be on file in the central office before school starts:

a. Transcripts from colleges you attended (both undergraduate and graduate)

b. Texas Teacher Certificate

c. Verification from other schools as to full years taught (Service Records)


A calling tree of all Elementary School employees will be distributed at the beginning of the year. The calling tree will be activated in case of snow days, a crisis, or other important information. Please take care to ensure this document does not fall into the hands of students!


PLC meetings are an ongoing process through which teachers and administrators should work collaboratively to seek and share learning and to act on our learning. Our goal is to enhance our effectiveness as professionals for students’ benefit!

Each content area will have an opportunity to meet once a week:

Monday- Math
Tuesday- Reading
Wednesday- Science
Thursday- Soc. Studies/Writing
Friday- Make-up for early release or late start.


Do not allow students to belittle, make fun of, or make sarcastic remarks about each other, staff, teachers, or other people. We should be striving to make them more culturally competent individuals. All adults in the building should be addressed as Miss, Mrs., Ms., or Mr. by students or in the presence of students.

Teachers are expected to follow the Educator’s Code of Ethics. Disrespect, insubordination, and/or negative behaviors that will affect the culture and climate of the building will not be tolerated.


Teachers are expected to maintain a positive work environment, do their best work possible, and to comply with all policies. Teachers who are out of compliance will be notified either verbally or in writing as to the improvements necessary to be in compliance. The District Board Policy is a great resource to refer to, and it can be found in the front office, or the district’s website.


Campus Rules

  1. Respect other people’s ideas, feelings, and property, including school property.
  2. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself at all times.
  3. Be courteous to fellow classmates, teachers and staff.
  4. Follow classroom directions and procedures the first time they are given.
  5. Conduct yourself with pride at all times and keep your school neat and orderly.

Hall Rules (2-1-0)
  1. Keep (2) hands to your side or behind your back.
  2. Walk silently in (1) straight line
  3. Do not (0) touch items, talk, or run in halls.
  4. Keep the hallways clear of litter.
  5. Absolutely no horse-playing in hallways.

Restroom Rules
  1. Wash hands and place paper towels in trashcan.
  2. Place used tissue in the toilet or trashcan.
  3. Be sure to flush the toilet.
  4. Do not play in the sink.
  5. Do not climb on the stalls.
  6. Return to your room promptly.

Cafeteria Rules

  1. Follow correct traffic flow from serving counter to table and from table to trash to exit. Remember to return your tray to the receiving window. Trash must be placed in appropriate containers.
  2. Keep the cafeteria clean. If you spill something, it is your responsibility to clean it. Ask the lunchroom monitor for a sponge or mop.
  3. Keep lines orderly. Cutting or holding a place in line is not allowed.
  4. Respect others by speaking quietly and politely.
  5. All food must be eaten at the table. Do not take food outside the cafeteria.


No personal days should be taken before/after a holiday or the first/last week of school without administrator's approval. This also includes State Testing Days.

Teachers will be allowed leave in accordance with the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). This is not paid sick leave unless the teacher has a sufficient number of sick days. Extended or decreased time for leave may be allowed with written doctor’s recommendation. Central Office can give details on FMLA and your sick days. They should be notified if you anticipate taking an extended leave.


Teachers are strongly encouraged of taking precautionary measures of their personal page on “Twitter”, “Facebook”, or other social networking site. Teachers in other districts have experienced problems with inappropriate communications with students, and inappropriate content being posted on their page by themselves or their “friends”.

In some cases, teachers have been dismissed due to inappropriate content on their personal webpages.


Supervision of students is your job any time you are on the premises. When correction is needed, do not hesitate. Be polite and treat the student as you wish to be treated. If they fail to respond, act with authority and use the firmness it takes to do the job. Teachers should always be aware of the volume, tone, and attitude of their voice.

Teachers and students are not equal. You command respect of students by being a competent, friendly, fair, consistent, firm professional. Enjoy your students, but keep it on a professional basis. Teachers are to maintain control both in and out of the classroom. This includes the halls, cafeteria, other classrooms, and grounds. Always remember you are liable for the students, whether they be in the classrooms, the halls, or in the restrooms.

Visibility is the key to supervision. Teachers should be at their door, in a position to monitor students both in the classroom and in the hall during transition times.


If you are purchasing items using the district’s charge card (and tax-exempt card) from the central office, you must return the cards with the receipt of purchase. This includes any supplies and/or meals purchased when attending workshops. Do not make any purchases without prior approval of your administrator. This may result in you not being reimbursed.


Requests to attend any professional development is to be discussed with the principal well in advance so requests and P.O.s can be submitted. All PD activities must compliment the district and campus mission and Improvement Plan. Teachers attending PD activities should plan to share what they have learned with their peers at their PLC meeting. Please refer to transportation requests about travel.


Teachers should also keep their cell phones off (or on “vibrate”) during instructional time. All phone calls need to be made or taken during your assigned conference time or after school. Teachers should not be in the hallway or classroom talking on their cell phones in the presence of students.

If students have cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, and video games, they should be kept in their backpack or pocket and kept turned off during the school day. These are disruptive to the instructional climate. Teachers who confiscate iPods, MP3 players, video games, or cell phones need to log them in the office folder with the student’s name, teacher name, reason, and date. Parents will be required to come to school to retrieve their student’s device.


Request for transportation must be made a minimum one week in advance. Proper DMV background checks and CDL must be approved prior to taking district vehicle. Be sure to pickup a gas card and pin from Central Office before taking the district vehicle.


No one is to use the building/equipment after regular hours without prior approval from the principal and/or Director of Support Services. People wishing to use the facilities must submit a request (forms available on Eduphoria). Employees are not to remove District property from the premises without authorization of principal or Director of Support Services.


All visitors should check-in at the office and obtain a visitor’s pass. This includes non-district students, parents, sales representatives, friends, guest speakers, etc. See I.D. Badges.


Volunteers are a wonderful resource for our school. Please carefully screen and check each volunteer. Submit your volunteer’s name, address, etc. for further checks by the Principal, Superintendent, and School Board. Volunteers who will work with students outside of your classroom should submit an application for a criminal background check. Teachers should submit a list of adults who will help chaperone activities to the office.