Lockdown Procedures

  • You will hear “Lock Down””.
  • Immediately scan the hallway for roaming students and pull them into your room.
  • Lock your door.
  • Turn off the lights.
  • Move your students to a place in the room where they cannot be seen from the doorway or windows.
  • Close all window blinds.
  • Keep your class quiet and wait for an all clear.
  • If someone knocks or bangs on the door, do not respond.
  • Once the directive is given to start post lock down procedures, send extra students to the library, take attendance and send report to the library.

Fire Drill or Evacuation Procedures

  • You will either hear the fire alarm.
  • Get a class roster, red and green cards.
  • Line up your class "210" and quickly and quietly exit the building.
  • Use the exit marked on your classroom map.
  • If that exit is blocked use the next closest exit.
  • Once outside, take roll and display your card as follows: Green- everyone is present, Red- missing or extra student.

For a Fire Escape Map, click here.

Tornado Procedures

Before a weather situation arises, familiarize yourself with the location for placement of students on the tornado map on your wall. In case of dangerous weather, we will make an announcement to move into tornado locations. Generally, everyone will move to an interior room. Have students lined up on the walls, facing the wall and in a crouching position with hands over their head/neck. They will need to be quiet to listen for further instructions.

For a Tornado Map, click here

Air Quality Alert
Code Orange – No Outside Activity

Exterior Lock Down – No one leaves the building but classes can resume as usual. Team Leaders help us make sure outside doors are locked.

Bomb Threat

In certain cases such as a bomb threat, we would not use radios or the announcement system. We would walk through classrooms with instructions. If this happens, please react in a professional manner and follow instructions. Do not panic!